USA hegemony has to stop


Well this is something simple without other meaning,USA has to be stopped,each action of usa is not about world peace,it is not about freedom everything USA makes is to create war and money.


Well this was simple to figure out and i thought people would use their brains to realize the full of despair truth but after seeing that someone made a certain tutorial i losed my faith on human potential the video tutorial had the name “Learn how to walk,video turorial” now you realize why i call everyone stupid.

Well USA has started to rush everything because is having more debt the actual ammount of debt to foreign countries of USA is 41 trillion dollars until July 31 2017 so is having a bigger debt and they are running out of time,they have around 6 weeks more before USA becomes bankrupt so they have to rush war.

This was the plan since beggining

With that plan it was easy to create more money but not everything worked in his favor because China wasn’t going to make what USA wanted but why USA is so insistent that china has to take down North Korea.

Well the reason is simple,most of USA debt is against 2 countries Russia and China but the biggest debt is with China.

The plan was as follows.

.- China attacks North Korea (following USA instructions).

.- China gets blamed and receive sanctions from USA.

.- USA attacks China for destroying North Korea.

.- Russia starts protecting their country and syria.

.- Nato attacks Russia for helping syria.

.- USA and Nato destroy Russia and China.

.- USA takes all the resources from North Korea,Syria,Russia,China.

.- USA is free of debt.

.- USA start the final step.

Well that was the original plan but…

The plan was simple but china was interfering with that,USA ultimate goal is a world without communism or socialism,think about this swedish a socialist country that had more growth and incomes then US from nowhere appeared ISIS just when the swedish government showed how much growth it had in the last six month compared to US that increased their country debt 10 trillions more.

This was a good move from russia sadly it was too little for what they lose in syria,as i said in the past USA plan on syria was to weaken Russia military.

Sadly for USA if they attack North Korea ,china will show up on USA ground and with those beauties


USA is rushing too much

As i said USA is rushing too much and lost of sight everything,for example Trump signed the sanctions bills against Russia but the bill was signed because of the investigation against trump if he didn’t sign the bill he was going to be impeached so he didn’t had a choice because trump is stupid and wants power but due to that he signed the death sentence of USA.

Each country have the right and freedom to make deals with who they want,USA doesn’t have a choice to stop the deals betwen countries.

USA is not the country of origin is not a kingdom,USA is nothing and will become nothing soon.

If russia wants to make deals with North Korea is fine because is a deal,if trump is such a good business men he would know that it doesn’t matter the person you are making the deal what it matters is the money nothing else,North Korea is suffering by the hands of USA from years ago to now,but is not the fault of North Korea the one to be blamed is USA because United States have caused the suffering and starving of people on North Korea with their illegal actions they call Sanctions USA is violating international laws and nobody does anything,USA has to be stopped how many countries have to be overthrown like Venezuela or Ukraine.

What trump said is laughable “China unfair trade practices” but is not really unfair those are business is not China fault if USA doesn’t have gold to pay the debts and is creating more debts in the process.

Rewritting history would be allowed

USA is know for rewritting history this time is the same but the same rules applies if some countries unite against USA and destroy the country it wouldn’t be bad if USA is destroyed the world would be at peace.

Some time ago Putin said that “The only reason the world hasn’t been destroyed is because both superpowers are present”,Obama said that only one superpower is needed and that would be US all the others have to be stopped before they become a power.

Those logics are one to keep in line and the other is to control and destroy everything that becomes a threat,with resources and money you can get weapons from other countries so it can be deemed as a threat this is why USA is overthrowing Venezuela government,and why they did the Coup on Ukraine while i do agree with the one person in control i don’t agree to treat everything that has resources  as a menace.

For example USA keeps contaminating the water with their test of Nuclear ICBM but nobody does anything but if North Korea test something they are treated as a menace this is laughable.

Let’s remember again how much USA rewrited history after WWII.

.- Germany killed more then 6 million jews in WWII and caused the genocide of jews. (it would have been imposible to kill 6 million jews because there were only 3.2 million jews worldwide)

.- Germany declared war against USA on 1939 (germany declared war against USA on 1942 after USA used sanctions and other movements against them,for example if people want to know where the gold of hitler was well the answer is USA had it because they confiscated the gold of germany and all the allies of germany)

.- Germany caused a genocide killing more then 6 millions people (real numbers for Germany was around 3 million mostly Russian soldiers,USA cause a real genocide killing more the 20 million japanese on one night and killing part of their russian allies and that is just one of the records)

As you see there are tons of lies created after USA “won” WWII this can be done if all the countries take down the enemy of the world United States.

For example the top 2 security threats to the world by most countries are ISIS and global warming,sadly the fault of those 2 are USA with trump as president they started contaminating more because he put someone (Scot Pruitt) that made the savage claim saying that global warming doesn’t exist is a lie made by cientists so they started contaminating more,and ISIS well that was made by United States agency CIA. so eliminating USA eliminates the top 2 security threats of the world.

Well some time ago i said that USA made an enemy they din’t expect well that enemy was venezuela,what can they do against venezuela well USA can destroy the country if that was their only enemy sadly they made too many enemies in a short time they can’t deal with venezuela if they are too busy against North Korea but if they attack North Korea USA would be obliterated by China Nuclear ICBM,

Something to laugh again is that Trump called Nicolas Maduro a dictatorship when Maduro is doing everything with democracy,when in fact Trump is a dictator (how to recognize one,denies the truth,denies evidence of himself saying something inapropiate,manipulates news,create fake witness)



The last two parts are a warning to canadians and bolivians you became an enemy of USA when you eliminated the World Bank system and the worse thing of all is that you have USA military bases in your backyard.

Humans have no value at all,those who have value rise up and fight with your lives.

Haiti fall was caused by USA just because it was a comunist country that had a superior government ,nobody starved but it was communist so USA decide to make it fall and until today it hasn’t recovered from the USA caused destruction the only thing USA gave to Haiti was plagues,sickness,famine,and they took all the resources of Haiti.



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